Needle binding / Naalebinding / Nålbinding


Needle binding / Nålebinding predates Knitting and crochet. The objects found in Archaeological digs from e.g Egypt might look like knitting but knitting was not in use before closer to our time ca the 1800 AD that is. Although there are over 10000 ways to use this textile craft most are forgotten. Today as far as I have gathered it is a craft on the red list of crafts being lost as not many people know how to do it. Although I did find some videos online.

The objects of Egypt were made using a Coptic style of the needle binding making look almost like knitting does when by creating the loops whilst in the Nordic tradition you usually use the thumb method which means as each thumb is different there is no needle binding piece the same. Also if you are making e.g mittens both are to be worked on at the same time as if not you risk them ending up not being identical. I’m using a round needle but you can also use flat ones or even for the thinner yarns a tapestry needle as long as it is blunt and long enough for you to get it through the loops. I got mine from Husfliden in Norway. Usually the yarn that can be felted is used as you work with 1-2 meter thread at the time and then have to “felt”/ bind the old with the new thread as you go along to create a seamless transition.


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