Visiting Saori no Mori 

End of June / beginning of July 2016 I went to The home of Saori weaving – Saori no Mori !

Miaso was still there at the age of 103 at the studio sitting at the table watching the children and people of all ages enjoying what she had created so many years ago and what the Jo family is still trying to continue. Kenzo jo continues to innovate and develop new ways and approaches to weaving and the Saori looms.

If you want to go to the source of Saori I really recommend you visit the Saori no mori centre in Japan.

Staying at the condo I also met other weavers staying for a few days to weave like me, an unexpected added bonus to my stay.

And the evening of the 2nd of July there was a party before a weaving all night event.

Playing the noodle game was fun!

Weaving all night event.

I had been sightseeing in Osaka city that day and with plans for Kyoto the following day – just some shadow weaving for me

Here are some more photos from my stay, but I am adding more information about Saori weaving and weaving techniques under the pages section

The condo was just 5 min away

View from condo. The Saori Forrest to the left.

Some of my Saori weaving

Saori style weaving by Tone Smaasund

Saori style weaving on my first warp by Tone Smaasund


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