About Me

My name is Tone Smaasund – a Scottish/Norwegian Creative Arts Teacher based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

A Creative Arts Teacher finally unstuck! My teaching is based around the Transformative Aspects of the Creative Arts, with the aim to build self-esteem and promote Personal Growth.

I have always been Creative, an Artist, a Crafter – where does really Art and Craft become separate but by labels put by humans. A Crafter is for me still an Artist who creates Beauty into Being.

Mostly self-taught in Arts and Crafts besides art and craft classes at school and learning skills like embroidery out of interest, knitting socks from my grandma taught me to pearl and using my mum’s sewing machine to make linings for my crochet handbags – no table cloths for me. I am still learning and experimenting! And I love learning about old and new ways of using those skills as I Love combining skills in new ways – to bring my own twist to it.

My official professional background is in Communication:

I studied languages, Nordic Archaeology, Computing/ IT and media studies at the NTNU university in Norway. Add to this experience and interest in Marketing, multi media, web design, copy writing, interaction design, service design, direct selling, customer service, product support, arts, crafts, design and TEFL Business English Teacher:

2003-2005 Technical Support Advisor for IBM/ Lenovo laptops in Greenock

2005-2009 Norwegian Localiser at the e-business department for Hilton Hotels in Glasgow.

2009-2017 Customer Support Advisor in the Public procurement sector for Millstream in Aberdeen.

2017- Product Support Advisor e-learning for Mintra TrainingPortal in Aberdeen

I used to have my own part-time jewellery business to keep me busy in my spare time but moving to Aberdeen and life I guess, made me take the decision to take the pressure off trying to find the time it takes to grow a business as well as venues after long days at work to pay the bills. Also I felt something was missing.

Being a seeker and creative person with a mind constantly buzzing of ideas life also showed me the importance of Stepping Back from the world and recharge my batteries. Daily I use meditation and techniques I have learned from alternative / complementary therapies.

I got diplomas in Reiki and other healing systems including Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and Spiritual Response Therapy, and use them for myself in my own personal Growth in Clearing away the sand and dirt that prevented me from Shining, to know my self-worth.

It was my love for The Arts that kept me going – so intertwined with my Being. How much I didn’t remember as part of the process of coming into my purpose- a Creative Arts Teacher. So it was my love of Textiles that made me follow that voice of inspiration when my creative life seemed to be but gloom – and I discovered Saori weaving.

So after journeying inwards I decided in 2016 to go to out in the world and I stayed in a budget at a hostel for a week in Reykjavik and then for my wonderful highlight in June / July when I went to Japan learning more about Saori weaving – staying for 2 weeks at Saori no Mori outside Osaka. Here I met other like minded people who were willing to challenge themselves to weave outside the box of traditional weaving to just weave and see what happened!

My continuous love for languages and meeting new people makes my world feel bigger and that is part of why I am became a certified TEFL/TESOL Business English teacher in 2017.

Clearing my head and my life the last year has given me a new job within e-learning and a place big and warm enough for me to allow space for my loom to unfold itself in all its colours and projects yet to come..

So.. that’s was my journey so far.

And then I got to a new chapter of my story as I hit a wall – again- and push through it!

My purpose in this Life is to be an Creative Arts Teacher?! I had got unstuck! The Artist and the Teacher I hadn’t thought of combining those 2 aspects of me! And felt my Heart sparkle!



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